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Professional and executive candidate database for women

"Kvinnebasen" was established in 1999 and is run by NAV, The Norwegian Employment and Welfare Service. The database aims at increasing the number of women in board of directors and in top positions, both in the private and the public sector.
The main goals of kvinnebasen are:

  • To facilitate recruiters who look for top women candidates
  • To increase the number of women both in board of directors and in executive positions in private and public sectors
  • To make women’s professional competence more visible

In addition the database can be used by the media for interviews and statements on professional matters, by professional and public organisations, as speakers and lecturers.

Today more than 3500 women are registered with their competence profile in the database. 81% of the registered candidates have management experience and 62% have served on a board of directors. In general the women listed in Kvinnebasen have a higher education, and working- and other experience from a wide range of fields. There is a great diversity in age, type of experience and education among the candidates.

Kvinnebasen is an open database, i.e. there are no restrictions on who can enter the site and look up the listed candidates. Recruiters may chose to search for core competence, type of education, city, name and all other registered information.

Do you want more information?

Contact: kvinnebasen@nav.no


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